Sunday, April 15, 2012

No fooling?

Well it looks like all the chemical spraying, food poisoning, and other methods of madness that have been used to depopulate this over-crowded planet have been effective.

A report this week stated that teen pregnancy is down in most of the US.

But let's be for real here. It's probably NOT because less kids are fiddling about after school and on the weekends, and it's probably MORE a result of all the ways in which the powers-that-be have gone about making sure girls can't get pregnant.

Who needs to hand out condoms when all you have to do is take a big breath of chem-trailed air outside? Or go to your faucet and get that big swig of flouridated and chemically treated water?

If you can't get to Planned Parenthood on time, you can always go buy some GMO veggies or one of the many  food items contaminated with that tasty Monsanto corn syrup...or just get an immunization! It not only kills those bugs but also ensures you will never be able to reproduce!

We'd like to all pat ourselves on the back in the country and high-five each other over this decrease in teen pregnancy, but let's face it: Kids are being poisoned. I would like to see further studies to find out if it's actually a matter of kids just not fooling around, or girls not being able to GET pregnant.

If someone can give me a straight answer on this, then and ONLY then will I feel that our kids are moving in a better direction -- as it is right now, however -- the depopulation police are probably the ones exchanging high-fives.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are Zimmerman Charges a Ruse?

What would Dr. King say?
The breaking news from the Associated Press that George Zimmerman will be charged with 2nd degree murder and is in custody begs the question: Is this all just a ruse?

The case was left in the hands of special prosecutor, Angela Corey. But who would want to be Angela Corey right now? If she didn't levy charges against Zimmerman, she might also face the back-lash of the media and NAACP and new black panther party as well. No one connected to this case right now is immune from the masses who have demanded "justice" for Trayvon Martin.

Let me explain...

Once Al Sharpton started flapping his gums, the whole thing turned into a hot bed of racial dialogue and, in some cases, violence.

So what's a special prosecutor to do?

Levy a murder charge (because manslaughter would not have satisfied the media or masses) and then let the rest of the chips fall where they may. Corey has now "passed the buck" to someone else, and it's still more than possible that Zimmerman will walk and "civil unrest" that Al Sharpton called for will commence.

Let's not forget the many book deals.

Zimmerman will get a pre-trial hearing before a judge in order to bring his defense. At this point, the judge could possibly throw the whole thing out rather than waste tax payers money on a case that is too hard to prove for the prosecution (although that is highly unlikely, more probable is that Zimmerman's lawyers will ask for him to be bonded out for now). the judge will also take into account that defense and weigh it against the possibility that Zimmerman could even get a fair and impartial jury.

Again, Corey has no blood on her hands and she is free to roam about the country. The jury that will hear Zimmerman's pre-trial defense will then become the center of attention and their lives may be threatened if they don't do what the media,  sheeple, and anti-second-amendment liberals demand.

The whole thing has gotten ridiculously out of control in that the public demand has dictated this case rather than traditional legal process. Although Corey says in no uncertain terms that this hasn't happened, insiders have stated that her decision to charge came at "the last minute".

It doesn't serve anyone's interests; least of all Trayvon Martin's, for anyone to make decisions based on the court of public opinion rather than factual evidence.

The race-baiting in this is inexcusable because there's no proof, whatsoever, that race had anything to do with Zimmerman's decision to use deadly force. Where does that leave the rest of us? Here in the state of Washington we also have the Stand your Ground law. Are we now to be made afraid to defend ourselves or our property if we feel threatened? Will this case give any teenager wearing a hoodie license to now terrorize  home and property owners because they will have this precedent of the Martin case to draw on?

And what about the Black community? What will this case do to their own abilities to defend themselves in a dangerous situation? Black on Black crime is out of control in this country, and if you live in Compton or Harlem, you NEED that law that protects you in the event that you are being attacked and need to defend yourself.

The original Black Panther party has disassociated themselves from this current version. Their first priority back in the 60s was to be able to clean up their own community and having the right to bear arms was a big part of that. They were a constructive group who worked hard and bucked the establishment in order to have the legal right to deal with their own issues in their own backyards. They offered after school programs to youths, and not once did they call any white man a "cracker" and call for a race war.

It's appalling how this new version has completely slapped the original Panthers in the face with their rhetoric and intimidation tactics. What Blacks need to realize is that a race war would be the WORST thing that could happen to their community. There needs to be civil discussion, but violence will accomplish nothing and will weaken the Black community and do absolutely nothing to further any positive action for the future.

Blacks are, indeed, being played here. The global elite want nothing more than to get rid of a few billion people on this planet and Blacks have been the target of that agenda for many years. There is nothing wrong with demanding justice. Nothing wrong with demanding equality. Nothing wrong with demanding a thorough and factual investigation in the event of a mysterious murder, but the outcry from the race-baiters like Al Sharpton and this new panther party (I won't even capitalize it because it's disgraceful, I have been to Black Panther headquarters in Oakland, Ca. as a young girl and found these men such as Aaron Dixon and Huey Newton to be respectful and genuinely good men) is becoming a rallying cry for a civil war in this country and, quite frankly, I don't think the Black community would stand a chance -- and that makes me sad and disheartened because I thought we'd gotten passed much of that.

Sure, there's still racial issues in this country; not just for Blacks but for Mexicans, Arabs, Asians, Native Americans, and others.

How I wish we had more Huey Newtons and David Hilliards and Martin Luther King's and Eldridge Cleaver's and Malcolm X's in this world today.

One of the truest voices of that movement who is still living is Dick Gregory, but Gregory has been silent on this subject of the Martin killing.

All we can hope -- and pray for -- is that God intervenes and stops this chaos from happening. Zimmerman will have to prove his case, period, end of story. But there's been no indication that this Martin killing was fueled by racial profiling. It was a sad mistake that happened, and there's no question that Martin was a victim of a tragedy along the likes of some of those scenes from the movie "Crash", where misunderstanding and miscommunication caused unneeeded destruction.

For now, let us do what Dr. King asked of us -- proclaim that we are one people, regardless of skin color, and that we will not resort to violence no matter how much the powers of evil try to provoke us. Let us stand in the face of a tragedy like this as peacemakers and children of God. We have come too far to be lured back into world of police dogs and fire hoses being used against Black children and protesters,  but a race war could exacerbate that ugly image into resurfacing again.

God help us all.

Oil Could be "Key" to Romney Win

Could the Keystone veto be Obama's downfall?
Mitt Romney, or should we call him "O-romney" could very well be our next president. Not because he's a swell guy who has an incredible agenda (that's even the slightest bit different from Obama's), but because he's received the endorsement of the Bush family.

It's been reported that the Bush family has endorsed Mitt Romey and if that's not enough to believe this candidate is the golden child, then what is?

Let's review...

Why would the Bush family have so much influence? Because they do -- it's a proven fact. The Bush's, according to several sources, weren't real fond of the last republican nominee for president and therefore, he didn't get that extra push when it counted in order to win.

Romney is a warm, fuzzy pal of the Texas oil family and, therefore, he's proceeded to sail through the primaries, despite being chided by the Christian Right and despite being almost the identical twin of Barack Obama on most issues.

According to today's earliest polls, Romney trails Obama by 7%. The rhetoric is already hitting the ground running  and any hope the GOP had at pulling in Independents or Democrats has likely faded, since Romney was not at all popular amongst that voting block.

This is why it will be interesting when suddenly the suave Romney will begin to pick up steam and pull ahead in most polls against Obama.

The verdict is in and Romney will likely become the next President of the United States. Do not ever underestimate the power of the Bush family -- as if the 2000 election is that far from your memories.

But please, don't expect anything to change for the better if Romney takes the Oval Office. At this point in this country's history it really doesn't matter who's in the White House because the people making the decisions aren't anywhere near Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Obama presidency is over -- it all ended when he shot down the Keystone Pipeline. This has little to do with economy, it has little to do with foreign policy, it has little to do with his stance on anything -- he's had a staff filled with members of the Council on Foreign Relations and even some Bilderbergers. He's put all the right pawns in all the right positions on the chess table.

But the pipeline deal was a big one. Oh, and did we mention that the Bush's are big fans of oil?

It might sound strange, but there's a method to the madness. Either way, this election is going to be one for the ages in terms of the rhetoric and continued changes in the polls. Is it possible Obama could pull it out in the clutch? Of course, but if things continue on as they are right now -- with the fact that he's irritated the global elite and chided the upper echelon of the oil industry -- he's very likely on his way out.

8.6 Earthquake Hits Indonesia

There's been a terrible development in the Indian Ocean as an 8.6 earthquake has struck off the west coast of Northern Sumatra. A tsunami warning is in effect as well.

Also, our good friend Mike Janitch has information already posted (as usual) on his blog here

Here are some more links about this breaking story

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Has Zimmerman Bugged Out?

Has Zimmerman bailed?
Tuesday was a busy day in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin camps. A report on stated that sources in Florida revealed Zimmerman wouldn't be charged in the shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Later, Zimmerman's lawyers, who have been very out-spoken in the media of late, announced via a press conference that they were "withdrawing" from the case because Zimmerman had seemingly vanished.

All of this was followed by an announcement that an announcement of whether Zimmerman would be charged or not was "imminent"; more specifically -- within 72 hours.

So as followers of this case, do we have our "ah-hah" moment now?

Has Zimmerman fled the country? He's reportedly no longer in Florida, according to his former attorneys. But if you put the pieces together it would appear that the following has happened:
  • Zimmerman knows he is not going to be charged
  • He knows his life is in peril if he stays in this country
  • His mother is Peruvian and he may have family in Peru.
  • He's within his right to leave the country if he is not a wanted criminal
Martin's family attorney, Benjamin Crump said that Zimmerman was a "flight risk", but since he is not under arrest and has not been charged, at this point he's just a regular American citizen who is free to come and go as he pleases.

In all certainty, it's safe to say that there is nowhere in this country right now that George Zimmerman can feel safe with his wife and family. He's been wrongly and egregiously painted as a rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth racist who "hunted down" Trayvon Martin and killed him in "cold blood", according to Al Sharpton. Aside from getting plastic surgery and a name-change, leaving the country would be the only available option  for Zimmerman.