Sunday, April 15, 2012

No fooling?

Well it looks like all the chemical spraying, food poisoning, and other methods of madness that have been used to depopulate this over-crowded planet have been effective.

A report this week stated that teen pregnancy is down in most of the US.

But let's be for real here. It's probably NOT because less kids are fiddling about after school and on the weekends, and it's probably MORE a result of all the ways in which the powers-that-be have gone about making sure girls can't get pregnant.

Who needs to hand out condoms when all you have to do is take a big breath of chem-trailed air outside? Or go to your faucet and get that big swig of flouridated and chemically treated water?

If you can't get to Planned Parenthood on time, you can always go buy some GMO veggies or one of the many  food items contaminated with that tasty Monsanto corn syrup...or just get an immunization! It not only kills those bugs but also ensures you will never be able to reproduce!

We'd like to all pat ourselves on the back in the country and high-five each other over this decrease in teen pregnancy, but let's face it: Kids are being poisoned. I would like to see further studies to find out if it's actually a matter of kids just not fooling around, or girls not being able to GET pregnant.

If someone can give me a straight answer on this, then and ONLY then will I feel that our kids are moving in a better direction -- as it is right now, however -- the depopulation police are probably the ones exchanging high-fives.

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